Asbestos drop-off

Yellow tape with the words danger asbestos on it.

There is a separate drop-off area for asbestos. 

Asbestos is a hazardous waste that must be disposed of in a landfill licensed to bury that material.

The Lismore Recycling & Recovery Centre is licensed to accept commercial and household quantities of asbestos waste.  

There are specific requirements for its disposal:

  • Ensure asbestos waste has been wetted, wrapped in 200um (0.2mm) thick plastic, and sealed with tape before it is transported to the asbestos skip bins
  • Ensure clear labelling as “asbestos waste”
  • For larger (commercial) asbestos loads that cannot be manually placed into a skip bin, Hazibags should be used to crane the asbestos directly into a skip bin. 
  • No tippers will be accepted to receive asbestos

Failure to comply with the above asbestos acceptance criteria will result in refusal of service. Council prioritises staff safety and wellbeing and has deemed these requirements necessary to ensure asbestos handling and disposal practices onsite can be undertaken safely.