Future housing

An aerial view of a housing development.

Council is continuing to actively support the provision of new housing across the Lismore LGA.

This includes rezoning land for housing development, implementing the Housing Strategy Action Plan, facilitating strong partnerships with developers and housing providers, and providing advice to encourage the development of a range of housing types close to community services and facilities. 

Lismore Housing Grant program 


Council resolved in June 2023 to offer grants of $15,000 to eligible landowners to stimulate construction of new affordable housing opportunities.

A total of 80 grants will be offered on a ‘first-come-first-serve’ basis until such time as the available funds are fully committed.

View our factsheet that outlines the housing grant categories and eligibility criteria and the process for how to apply.

An application form must be completed and returned to Council once an application for the housing has been lodged via the NSW Planning Portal.

Affordable and Diverse Housing Strategy

In March 2023, Lismore replaced its 2012 Housing Strategy with the Affordable & Diverse Housing Strategy.

The main aim of this strategy is to provide a roadmap for the Council to encourage more affordable and medium-density housing in the urban areas of Lismore. The strategy emphasises the need to align the location of new housing with jobs, infrastructure, and services. To achieve this, the strategy outlines three strategic principles and several specific actions that the Council will undertake over the next decade.

Secondary dwellings

The LEP 2012 gives individuals in urban and village areas the opportunity to develop secondary dwellings, e.g. small self-contained dwellings.

For general information and FAQS on secondary dwellings, refer to the Secondary Dwellings brochure.

Please also find a Statement of Environmental Effects for Secondary Dwellings that can be completed and returned to Council.

Detached dual occupancy

The LEP 2012 permits the construction of a detached dual occupancy on rural land to provide housing options for older and younger people and as farm worker accommodation or income source for farmers.

The second dwelling must be within 100m of the main house, utilize existing access from a public road, not impede agricultural activities, and not harm rural environmental character.

For more information, consult our factsheet - Rural Detached Dual Occupancy.

Shop top housing

Council is promoting shop top housing in the Lismore CBD to revitalize the area and improve safety.

Obstacles for owners have been addressed by waiving car parking requirements, offering discounts on infrastructure contributions, and assisting with fire safety regulations. For more information, refer to our Shop Top Housing Brochure.