Metered standpipe hire

Metered Standpipe

A standpipe is a free-standing pipe with a tap, which can be used to dispense water directly from a hydrant.

The use of standpipes on Council’s water mains is regulated by Lismore City Council. If contractors working for Council cannot obtain access to water through a normal connection or via a water filling station, they may apply to draw water from Council-owned mains via one of Council’s metered standpipes.

These Lismore City Council branded standpipes are fitted with a flowmeter and backflow prevention device. Council-branded standpipes are the only standpipes that are permitted for use on Lismore City Council’s water mains, and cannot be used outside of the Lismore Local Government Area.

Standpipes are reserved for situations where other options are not available, and are not to be used for agricultural purposes or as an alternative water supply. Standpipes are only to be used by Council staff or contractors working for Council for activities such as:

  • construction
  • concrete sawing
  • dust suppression
  • water carting

Please note: Only Council staff and contractors engaged by Council are permitted to use standpipes and are only permitted to use standpipes for Council work. To hire a metered standpipe, you need to complete an online application form.

How to apply for standpipe hire

Hire and use of a standpipe requires approval by Lismore City Council. Please read the following applicant guide before submitting an application form.

The Metered Standpipe Applicant Guide contains information regarding the application process, meter reading and conditions of hire.

Once you have familiarised yourself with the Applicant Guide, please submit a Metered Standpipe Hire Request form online to apply for standpipe hire.


See Council's fees and charges.

Bond for metered standpipe: $2405.00 (GST free)

Rental for metered standpipes (per week): $110.50 (GST free)

Cost per kilolitre of water ex standpipe: $5.50 (GST free)

If your application is approved by Lismore City Council, an approval letter containing a link to pay for the hire bond via BPAY will be emailed to you. This bond must be paid before the standpipe can be issued by Council.

Mandatory standpipe training

All operators are required to attend a mandatory training session at Council’s Works Depot following payment of the standpipe hire bond. To arrange a training session, please email You will need to attach a copy of your bond receipt to this email as proof of payment.

Receiving your standpipe

Once your bond has been paid and your operators have been trained, please email us at to organise a time to collect your standpipe from Council’s Wyrallah Road Works Depot.

How to submit your monthly meter readings

You will be required to submit monthly meter readings to Council in the first week of every month. This will be done using an online standpipe reading submission form.

To complete the online form, you will need:

  • Your standpipe serial number
  • The current meter reading
  • A photograph of the current meter reading

Lismore City Council reserves the right to read the meter on the standpipe at any time.

Returning your standpipe

Lismore City Council will calculate the final rental and water usage charges upon return of the standpipe in good order. These charges, including any other outstanding amounts pertaining to the standpipe rental, will be deducted from your bond.

Lost or stolen standpipe

Lismore City Council must be notified immediately in the event that a standpipe is lost, damaged or destroyed. Please phone (02) 6625 0500 within 24 hours of the incident to make a report.

Where the applicant is found to be at fault, the cost of repair or replacement will be deducted from the standpipe hire bond. Please see the Metered Standpipe Applicant Guide for more information.

Conditions of hire

The full conditions of standpipe hire are laid out in the Applicant Guide, and are listed below for your convenience:

  1. Standpipes shall only be used by contractors engaged by Lismore City Council, and shall only be used for works conducted under contract for Lismore City Council.
  2. Council staff may undertake random inspections, and check compliance with the approval at any given time.
  3. The standpipe must only be used in accordance with the operating instructions.
  4. The applicant shall make the issued standpipe available at any time for inspection by an authorised officer of Lismore City Council.
  5. A standpipe shall not be used to supply water directly to premises as an alternative to a normal property water service.
  6. The applicant shall not misuse or use the standpipe in such a manner as to squander water.
  7. The applicant is responsible for ensuring that the standpipe is used in a safe manner with no risk to public health and safety or causing damage to property.
  8. Prior approval must be obtained from Lismore City Council to draw water from a hydrant. Only Lismore City Council standpipes can be used within the Local Government Area of Operations.
  9. The applicant is responsible for ensuring the standpipe is used in accordance with Council’s conditions.
  10. The applicant shall use the standpipe in a manner that does not cause damage to any infrastructure of Lismore City Council.
  11. The metered standpipe will be maintained by Lismore City Council at its cost for normal wear and tear but not for other damage.
  12. Applicants must make staff aware of all Council conditions and requirements of the approval.
  13. All water carriers must provide a safe working environment for any traffic, not interfere with any residential property, and provide adequate provisions to ensure public safety.
  14. If the period of hire extends past the 30th June in any year the applicant acknowledges that the charges may be adjusted from and including the 1st of July. The applicant will then be liable to pay the new charge, regardless of whether or not that new charge has been communicated by the Council to the applicant.
  15. Damaged standpipes must not be used.
  16. The applicant will be liable for any damage caused to the water main or any property from the use, connection, or disconnection of the standpipe from the water mains.
  17. The standpipe must not be modified or tampered with in any manner.
  18. The standpipe must be connected to the hydrant in such a manner as to maintain a proper watertight seal.
  19. Standpipes should be used only at Council approved extraction locations.
  20. Applicants are reminded when extracting water to slowly open and close the standpipe to protect Council water mains.
  21. The applicant is to ensure the safekeeping of the standpipe during the hire period.
  22. Ground hydrant must be cleared of all silt and debris prior to installing the standpipe.
  23. Where the applicant is unable to remove or stop the flow of water from a standpipe or hydrant, Lismore City Council must be notified immediately.
  24. Any costs to repair damage to the Council’s infrastructure caused by the use of a metered hydrant standpipe while connected will be liable to the applicant.
  25. While in use, the standpipe must be attended to by the person operating it and suitably protected from any damage to either the standpipe or the hydrant.
  26. The applicant shall not prevent the recording index of the meter on a standpipe from registering the full amount of water used.
  27. The applicant shall comply with any reasonable direction given by an officer of Lismore City Council with regard to the standpipe.
  28. The applicant will be required to pay a further security bond prior to the issue of a replacement standpipe.
  29. The applicant must advise Council immediately on (02) 6625 0500 if it is known that a standpipe has been lost or stolen. The refund of the deposit/bond will be processed once the Standpipe is returned to Council in good working condition and all related charges have been paid.
  30. The metered standpipe approval is non-transferrable.