Development and design

A bulldozer moving dirt on a residential devleopment.

Development and Design Manual

The Northern Rivers Local Government Development Design and Construction Manual is a collaboration between Lismore City Council, Ballina Shire Council, Kyogle Shire Council, Richmond Valley Council, Clarence Valley Council and Byron Shire Council.

It serves as a resource that provides uniform development standards across the Northern Rivers area through a comprehensive set of guidelines for design and construction of development infrastructure.

The manual is intended to benefit both the community and the development industry by providing clear instructions for infrastructure requirements in the region. It is based on the Aus-spec Development Specification series, but has been tailored to meet the specific needs of the Northern Rivers area.

The manual is intended to be used by the development industry before planning begins, which will facilitate faster and more efficient processing of developments through council.

Specification No. Specification Title
Mission Statement Mission Statement(PDF, 25KB)
Index Index(PDF, 16KB)
Guidelines Guidelines for Development and Subdivision of Land(PDF, 334KB)
DQS Quality Assurance Requirements for Design(PDF, 106KB)
D1 Geometric Road Design (Urban and Rural)(PDF, 595KB)
D1.37 and D1.38 Handbook for Driveway Access to Property(PDF, 113KB)
D2 Pavement Design(PDF, 115KB)
D3 Structures/Bridge Design(PDF, 51KB)
D4 Subsurface Drainage Design(PDF, 96KB)
D5 Stormwater Drainage Design(PDF, 306KB)
D6 Site Regrading(PDF, 59KB)
D7 Erosion Control and Stormwater Management(PDF, 226KB)
D8 Waterfront Development(PDF, 206KB)
D9 Cycleway and Pathway Design(PDF, 48KB)
D10 Handbook of Stormwater Drainage Design(PDF, 2MB)
D11 Water Supply(PDF, 113KB)
D12 Sewerage System(PDF, 103KB)

Standard Drawings

Council's standard drawings for works associated with developments as required by conditions of development consent.



Sample Drawings

Construction Manual

Council's Construction Manual for works associated with developments as required by conditions of development consent.

Specification No. Specification Title
Index Index(PDF, 19KB)
CQS Quality System Requirements(PDF, 372KB)
CQC Quality Control Requirements(PDF, 352KB)
C101 General(PDF, 311KB)
C201 Control of Traffic(PDF, 157KB)
C211 Control of Erosion and Sedimentation(PDF, 62KB)
C212 Clearing and Grubbing(PDF, 45KB)
C213 Earthworks(PDF, 173KB)
C220 Stormwater Drainage – General(PDF, 245KB)
C221 Pipe Drainage(PDF, 174KB)
C222 Precast Box Culverts(PDF, 59KB)
C223 Drainage Structures(PDF, 32KB)
C224 Open Drains including Kerb and Gutter (Channel)(PDF, 71KB)
C230 Subsurface Drainage – General(PDF, 77KB)
C231 Subsoil and Foundation Drains(PDF, 54KB)
C232 Pavement Drains(PDF, 86KB)
C233 Drainage Mats(PDF, 48KB)
C241 Stabilisation(PDF, 90KB)
C242 Flexible Pavements(PDF, 130KB)
C244 Sprayed Bituminous Surfacing(PDF, 131KB)
C245 Asphaltic Concrete(PDF, 200KB)
C247 Mass Concrete Sub-base(PDF, 156KB)
C248 Plain or Reinforced Concrete Base(PDF, 228KB)
C254 Segmental Paving(PDF, 87KB)
C255 Bituminous Microsurfacing(PDF, 224KB)
C261 Pavement Markings(PDF, 76KB)
C262 Signposting(PDF, 157KB)
C263 Guide Posts(PDF, 44KB)
C264 Guardfence(PDF, 55KB)
C265 Boundary Fencing(PDF, 77KB)
C271 Minor Concrete Works(PDF, 160KB)
C273 Landscaping(PDF, 240KB)
C401 Water Reticulation(PDF, 421KB)
C402 Sewerage System NRLG(PDF, 271KB)
C501 Bushfire Protection (Perimeter Tracks)(PDF, 2MB)