Principal Certifying Authority

A building certifier looking over building plans.

A Principal Certifying Authority (PCA) is responsible for overseeing the management of a development consent from the start of work to completion and issuing an Occupation Certificate. They also conduct inspections at each stage of the construction process.

A PCA can be appointed by a council, and their Building Certification Team offers various services.

Prior to starting any building or subdivision work, a Construction Certificate or Complying Development Certificate must be approved and a PCA must be appointed.

Council can be appointed as a PCA, otherwise, the appointment of a PCA must be notified to council at least two days before the start of any building work. 

What are the roles and responsibilities of the PCA?

As a Principal Certifying Authority (PCA), one must conduct proper inspections of each stage of construction, certify that works are in accordance with the development consent, advise the applicant of any non-compliant works, serve notices for non-compliance with development consent, issue an Occupation Certificate for building work or change of use, advise the applicant of any outstanding work after each inspection, certify compliance with development consent, BCA, and technical standards, and oversee the legislative requirements of the construction process from start to finish.

Making a complaint against a PCA

Any concerns with construction works including a belief that works are not proceeding in accordance with the approval are to be discussed with the PCA in the first instance. If you remain unsatisfied with the response of the PCA, complaints against Accredited Private Certifiers can be made to NSW Fair Trading.

Council's certification services

Consider engaging the services of Lismore City Council's accredited certifiers to conduct the approval and inspection functions associated with your project.  Council has a dedicated, qualified and experienced team for long-term support and stability, local knowledge, efficient and cost-effective service, compliance with building regulations and development consent requirements, quick advice and assistance, flexibility to meet customer needs, competitive pricing for major commercial and residential projects and dedicated support for major projects.