Climate information

Climate change projections

The NSW Government has prepared climate projections for the North Coast. A summary of the projections are shown below. Key changes expected for Lismore include:

  • Increased number of hot days
  • Increased rainfall in autumn and spring
  • Decreased rainfall in winter
  • Increased ‘average’ and ‘severe’ fire weather in summer and spring


These changes will each have their own direct and indirect impacts for Lismore’s communities and industries, and we need to begin preparing for them. These changes will also impact the likelihood and extremities of hazards into the future.

For more information on how we can all prepare, see Council’s Climate and Disaster Adaptation Planning as well as the Resilient Local Communities to see if your community has its own disaster resilience plan.

Our collective greenhouse gas emissions

Greenhouse gas emission data is the primary method for determining our contribution to climate change. If we want to reduce the projected changes in climate, we need to reduce our emissions, locally and globally.

The image below shows the key sectors that contribute to Lismore’s greenhouse gas emissions profile. A  full report can be viewed online at Snapshot’s website.