Subdivision developments

An aerial view of a subdivision being mapped out.

Construction Certificate

A Construction Certificate is required for any earthworks, roadworks, drainage, landscaping, excavation, mechanical, structural, hydraulic work or work associated with driveways and parking bays on private land.

Obtain a Subdivision Construction Certificate via the NSW Planning Portal before starting any work. Fees apply and ensure to submit necessary documentation and payments.

A signed Principal Certifying Authority (PCA) agreement must also be provided to Council before starting work, which will be issued with the Subdivision Construction Certificate approval. The Subdivision Construction Certificate Application must be made on the NSW Planning Portal.

To appoint a PCA, register for a planning portal account and complete an application on the website. See our Principal Certifying Authority page for more.

Council has a pre-lodgement advice service for applicants to assist in preparing DAs. If development consent is granted, conditions may be imposed which require certain works or payments to be made at various stages in the process.

Water and sewer infrastructure

If you wish to undertake stormwater or sewer drainage or water supply works, you need approval under s.68 of the Local Government Act. You will need to have the relevant plans and documentation completed and attached. Check your development consent for details of what you need to provide or contact Council for advice on (02) 6625 0500.

Application for Approval to Carry Out an Activity – Section 68 Approval(PDF, 55KB)

Road opening permits

If you wish to undertake any works on a public road or within the road reserve, you need a permit under s.138 of the Roads Act before commencing any works. You will need to have the relevant plans and documentation completed and attached. Check your development consent for details of what you need to provide if related to a proposed development or contact Council for advice on (02) 6625 0500.

Works as Executed Plans and certification

Upon completion of the subdivision works, Council will require submitted executed plans and certification to confirm that the work has been done to the required standard and in accordance with the approvals issued by Council. These can be submitted before applying for a Subdivision Certificate to address any outstanding issues or maintenance bonds. A fee is required for the engineering plan review service.

Council must verify that each certificate includes the issuer's name, signature, date, signatory's suitability, contact details, whether the certificate relates to the whole or part of the building or works, relevant work/building component and its relationship to the property address and references to relevant design and construction manual provisions, BCA clauses and Australian Standards.

Subdivision certificates

Once all the subdivision works have been completed, you can apply for a Subdivision Certificate on the NSW Planning Portal.

It is important to also provide a Development Consent Compliance Statement that demonstrates compliance with the conditions of development consent. Failure to do so may result in rejection or delay of the application. Properly completing the checklist with comprehensive information will help the assessment staff process the application quickly.

Development Consent Compliance Statement Template(PDF, 66KB) is available.

You may also need to apply to name new roads within your subdivision by completing a Naming of New Roads(PDF, 15KB) application form. Additional documents that may be required during the subdivision process.