Waste collection services

A council garbage truck collecting a yellow recycling bin from the kerb.

For residents

We offer a range of waste collection services for residents. The following are the standard services:

Urban areas

  • 360-litre recycling bin (collected fortnightly)
  • 240-litre organics bin (collected weekly)
  • 140-litre waste bin (collected fortnightly)

Rural village areas

  • 360-litre recycling bin (collected fortnightly)
  • 240-litre organics bin (collected weekly)
  • 240-litre waste bin (collected fortnightly)

Rural areas

  • 360-litre recycling bin (collected fortnightly)
  • 240-litre waste bin (collected weekly)

Council offers premium services for more frequent collections with bigger bins or a half service for people who want less frequent collection than the standard service offers. You can also read our Kerbside Collection Services(PDF, 103KB) brochure, which includes the services and associated fees and charges, or contact us on (02) 6625 0500 for more details.

Special needs waste service

We offer a special needs waste service for customers who are unable to place bins out themselves. The service is generally one 240L red-lidded landfill bin collected every fortnight, with no recycling or organics collection.

The applicant must be living at the residence and approval is required before the service can commence. Once approved, a driver will visit the property fortnightly to collect the bin from within the property boundary, empty it and return it safely.

For businesses

Northern Rivers Waste also offers commercial collection services. We have a range of bin types, sizes and frequency of collection options and can tailor a service to accommodate the needs of your business.

The waste streams we can provide bins and collection for are landfill/general waste, co-mingled recycling, paper and cardboard and food and garden organics. Other specialist services are supplied on request, such as oil filter and printer cartridge bins.

The bin sizes available are 240 and 360 litre wheelie bins, 660 litre and 1100 litre bulk bins, as well as 15 cubic metre skip bins.

For more information about our commercial waste management solutions, phone (02) 6625 0500 to organise an obligation free consultation, or fill out our commercial waste enquiry form.

For events

We offer a waste management service to event organisers for public events such as festivals, sporting events and charity days.

We can provide:

  • 240L wheelie bins with swing flap lids - landfill, recycling, organics and Return & Earn
  • Flags and signage to assist patrons to dispose of their waste correctly
  • Bin transportation to and from the event
  • Waste collection and disposal

Council encourages proper waste-wise management planning prior to the event. This maximises your environmental responsibility as well as cutting costs by increasing your recycling rates and reducing waste disposal fees.

Phone Council on (02) 6625 0500 for an obligation-free quote.