Lismore Regional Airport

A private jet on the runway at Lismore Regional Airport.

Lismore Aviation Centre

The Lismore Aviation Centre encompasses the general aviation area of Lismore Regional Airport.

The centre is growing and upgrading its amenities to become the most diverse and bustling general aviation centre in the area.

Lismore City Council envisions it as the largest regional aviation hub between Brisbane and Sydney, with passenger services moving to the Gold Coast and Ballina/Byron Gateway Airport. The Lismore Aviation Centre's onsite general aviation base and maintenance facility are situated on Three Chain Road in South Lismore.

Noise mitigation

The Fly Neighbourly Guideline(PDF, 200KB), developed in collaboration with Lismore Airport operators, prioritises noise reduction while ensuring safety.

The airport operates 24/7 for flight training, medical flights, and other aviation businesses, with limited night flights except for urgent medical retrievals.

Noise complaints are handled by Airservices Australia, and you can lodge one or make an inquiry online at their website, by phoning 1800 802 584, or by post to Noise Complaints and Information Services, GPO Box 211, Mascot NSW 1460.

For an independent review, you can turn to the Aircraft Noise Ombudsman. 

Airport operations (pilots)

Lismore Regional Airport welcomes all general aviation pilots and charters to its facilities, but prior permission is required for the RPT Apron.

The airport offers a choice of hardstand or grass parking for aircraft and a 24-hour BP Avgas refuelling area at the northern end of the airport. World Fuel Services provides both Avgas and Jet A-1 fuel at the airport, with the Avgas bowser accepting Visa and Mastercard debit/credit cards and having a 20-metre hose and large LED overhead display.

All aircraft are subject to landing and parking fees. See Council's 2023-2024 Fees & Charges(PDF, 3MB) for more.

For further information, contact the Airport Manager on (02) 6625 0500, or visit Airservices for AIP information.

Other airport facilities

Aircraft maintenance facility

There is a large aircraft maintenance facility located on site that caters to all types of aircraft.

Aero Enterprise PTY LTD
Phone: (02) 6621 7217

Air freight

Demand for air freight service has increased significantly over the last few years. Lismore has two freight aircraft operating daily, which distribute to the Northern Rivers region. For any air freight enquiries, contact any of the local freight carriers.

Aero club

The Northern Rivers Aero club has operated from Lismore Regional Airport for many years and has several aircraft available for charter or flight training.

Phone: (02) 6621 4844
Northern Rivers Aero Club