Waste vouchers

A pile of junk on the kerb.

Each household can apply for one waste voucher per financial year to dispose of waste.

A total of 5000 vouchers are available per financial year. This means, on average, that 416 vouchers will be available each month depending on the number of vouchers redeemed.

While Council encourages people to use the electronic system wherever possible, those with no computer access or email can apply in person or over the phone on (02) 6625 0500. You'll need your rates assessment number (property owners) or proof of tenancy (tenants) to apply.


Conditions of use

  • For households in the Lismore Local Government Area
  • Each voucher has a 30-day expiration from the date of issue or until 30 June (whichever comes first)
  • Expired vouchers will be returned to the pool and made available for future months
  • Each voucher is worth $74.40 for waste disposal at the Lismore Recycling and Recovery Centre or the Nimbin Transfer Station with the following maximum volumes accepted.

See our fees and charges

Maximum volumes

You can bring up to 200kg of mixed general waste (not sortable), 333kg of self-sort waste (50% recoverable), 714kg of green waste, 1.6 tonnes of scrap steel, one gassed whitegood or two un-gassed whitegoods, or five car/4x4 tyres or one truck tyre.

If you bring more, you'll be charged standard waste disposal fees (EFTPOS only) for the additional amount. No asbestos or commercial quantities of chemicals are allowed.

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