Roadworks and closures

A road crew works on fixing a road.

We are committed to maintaining a safe and efficient road network for all our residents and visitors.

Since the February 2022 natural disaster, we have faced an unprecedented challenge. The extended period of wet weather has significantly affected our road network.

The result has been devastating, with 90% of our 1200km road network suffering extensive damage. The estimated cost to rebuild and repair is $200 million, which is a significant financial burden on the Council and the community.

The damage is not limited to our road network. Many bridges, causeways, reinforced concrete pipes, reinforced concrete box culverts, and footpaths across our road network have also suffered significant damage. Some key access roads have been reduced to single lanes due to landslips.

Despite these challenges, we are working tirelessly to restore our road network to its previous state. Our team of dedicated professionals is working round the clock to undertake road repairs, bridge reconstructions, and other remedial works.

Our goal is to ensure the safety of all road users while delivering high-quality infrastructure that meets the needs of our growing community.

To keep informed of the progress on our road and bridge works projects, please visit our Your Say website for updates and news.