Working with us

A Council crew inspecting roadworks.

We live in a beautiful region and we are rebuilding our organisation to be stronger than ever and more efficient than ever. We aim to be leaders in our fields and ultimately improve services for our community. To do this, we need great people from all walks of life, who see our vision and are passionate about contributing to it.

What we are looking for

We are looking for people with a great attitude, who have ‘heart’ and are invested in being a part of the Lismore City Council team. We are looking for people who want a challenge and have a desire to contribute to the success of our community. We want people looking for a career change and people who are seeking a job where income is regular, as are the hours!

Our values

As an organisation we have adopted a set of values – developed by the people, for the people. These were created as part of a consultative ‘Values Project’ involving staff across the whole organisation.

Our 'Values' are to respect, to strive, to be passionate and to communicate. We expect anyone who applies for a job with us to be aligned with these values. Our catchphrase is 'Values begin with a V but start with you…' and we want our organisation to be full of talented workers who believe in the values we do.

We ask you to address our values as part of your selection criteria. You can find more information in the Info Pack.


Can I save my application and come back to it later?

No, your application will need to be completed in one sitting. You are unable to save and come back to it later. We recommend that you copy the questions on a Word document and take your time to answer. When you are happy with your application answers copy and paste the answers online.

How do I keep up to date with new opportunities?

Subscribe to our Careers at Council vacancy alerts - Be the first to know about all our opportunities.

Can I send my resume in?

No, unfortunately we cannot accept unsolicited resumes or applications due to our recruitment merit practices.

We encourage you to regularly review our positions vacant and follow the application advice for the position being advertised and/or sign up for our Job Alerts.

What do if I don’t have access to a computer or internet?

Our public libraries provide public access computers with word processing and internet. Please phone your local library to book a computer to avoid disappointment.