How to use our online maps

An image of council's online maps.

Our online interactive mapping services (GIS)

Welcome to our mapping and Geographical Information System (GIS) pages, called IntraMaps. Here you will find maps created by our GIS, including information about rural numbers, property street addresses and lots of useful links to mapping sites and other data providers.

Our public mapping service allows you to:

  • Search for properties within the Lismore Local Government Area.
  • Take a look at the Local Environment Plan (LEP) 2000 and 2012.
  • See health and building inspection areas.
  • Check out environmental information.
  • Find flood information and much more.

Before proceeding, please read Conditions of Use, clicking of the link signifies your agreement to the statement below. 

Conditions of Use

Lismore City Council accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the accuracy or otherwise of any information within this application.

The IntraMaps pages are amended regularly to provide the latest and most accurate information available. Some information may, however, not be current. Viewers must take account of these facts when reading the data.

Proceeding past this point means understanding and accepting these terms.

If you have specific queries about using online mapping, contact us.

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Explaining IntraMaps

IntraMaps is the interactive mapping solution for Lismore City Council. We have broken down the components of the IntraMaps system into small videos to aid in the utilisation of the system:

Intramaps overview:

This is a breakdown showing the location of the various sections of the program.


View toolbar:

This tab allows the user to refocus the view of the Lismore City Map (Zoom, Panning, set views, find by co-ordinates).

Selection toolbar:

Allows the user to select and view information on various layers within IntraMaps.

Tools toolbar:

Allows the viewing of other layers not shown on RHS when selected. View Co-ordinates, measuring Length and area, add temporary layers and zoom to current location (mobile devices only).

Export tab:

Make word-based maps, export data to excel, Print, Save image, create link to specific Maps/modules.


Allows the user to draw points/lines/regions/arrows and text to current map view.

Map components

Main Map area:

This is the largest section of IntraMaps showing all visible layers, also includes Zoom in (+), Zoom out (-), Aerial Slider, Active Tool and selectors, Overview map and Scale-bar.

Modules layers:

This shows the various Modules (i.e. LEP 2000/2012, Garbage Information, Water sewer and Stormwater) and the layers utilised in each of the various modules.


Showing selected search options below the main map (i.e. Address, Road name, Lot/DP).


This is the group of Icons at the top RH corner of the map.

Additional hints and tips

Utilising the CTRL/SHIFT/ESC buttons, Freehand drawing and selection