Other hazards

A bushfire burns out of control.


To prepare for a bushfire, download the Rural Fire Service Bushfire Survival Plan and discuss a plan with your family.

Visit the NSW Rural Fire Service for more information on how to protect yourself and your home.

Keep track of current fires in NSW by visiting the fires near me website.

Tropical cyclones

Tropical cyclones can persist for many days and may follow quite erratic paths. They usually dissipate over land or colder oceans. 

Visit the website to see real time images and radar information.


The Heatwave Forecast is a Bureau of Meteorology website shows the location of heatwaves, severe heatwaves and extreme heatwaves for the last two three-day periods and the next five three-day periods. 

Visit the website for important tips to help you know what to do during a heatwave.

Visit the NSW Health website for more information concerning heatwaves.


Landslides can be triggered by natural causes or by human activity. In general, the factors which influence whether a landslide will occur typically include slope angle, climate, weathering, water content, vegetation, geology, slope stability and the amount of loading on the slope. 

For more information on landslides, see Geoscience Australia's Landslide Awareness brochure.