Protecting our water supply

A close up of a hose connected to a rainwater tank being used to water some strawberry plants.

Rous County Council and Lismore City Council encourage people to learn our water-saving tips.

Three top tips to start saving water:

  1. Trigger up – Fit your hand-held hose with an on/off trigger nozzle.
  2. Dusk or dawn – Water your garden after 3pm or before 10am.
  3. Tank it – Install a rainwater tank and save on your water bills.

Rainwater tanks

Eligible customers in the Lismore Local Government Area can receive rebates of up to $2170 for installing rainwater tanks through Rous County Council's Rainwater Tank Rebate Program.

For more information, visit Rous County Council's website or contact their Water Sustainability Officer at (02) 6623 3800.

Additional resources on water saving and tank rebates can be found on Rous County Council's website.