Sustainable Economic Advantage 2020 a first for NSW

Lismore City Council’s economic development strategy, the Sustainable Economic Advantage 2020, is a first for any regional city in NSW.

The Sustainable Economic Advantage 2020 takes a quadruple bottom-line approach to provide a vision for economic development in the future that aligns with the community’s stated environmental, social and cultural wants and needs around building sustainable livelihoods.

The strategy is an evidence-based document that took into account local community consultation processes such as the Lismore Community Sustainability Forum attended by 230 people, the Sustainable Nimbin Community Plan and the Business Retention and Expansion Survey. The survey provided Council with an up-to-date profile of Lismore businesses and their aspirations and constraints. It identified gaps and opportunities for growth and provided key real-time data that enabled us to prepare our current economic development strategy. Through the strategy's development, over 800 people participated in consultations.

The Sustainable Economic Advantage 2020 sets out a tangible framework and priorities for the next seven years that are tailor-made to help Lismore prosper.

It details flagship projects and opportunities that progress the stated vision of how residents want to see their city evolve into the future and looks at how to encourage jobs growth within a thriving local economy.

Sustainable Economic Advantage 2020