Information for residents on the Fire and Emergency Services Levy

The NSW Government has changed the way the community contributes to the provision of fire and emergency services. From 1 July 2017, a Fire and Emergency Services Levy (FESL) will be collected by local government on behalf of the NSW Government. This will be included in annual rates and separately shown on the rates notices.

Please note the FESL is a NSW Government charge, not a Council increase in rates. Council's role is to collect the funds on behalf of the NSW Government.

The levy is applicable to all residential, farmland, industrial and commercial properties.

The levy will include a fixed amount: $100 for assessments classified as residential or public benefit and $200 for assessments classified as farmland, industrial, or commercial, plus a component based on land value.

In the past, these charges have been collected through property insurance. NSW Treasury indicates that the average fully insured residential property owner currently pays around $233 per year, but will now pay around $185 under the new system, giving a net benefit of $47 per year. A pension concession of $50 is applicable for those ratepayers that meet Council’s normal eligibility criteria.

Letters to all property owners, which includes FESL classification information, have been issued. The information in this letter, combined with your 2016 Land Valuation, which was recently issued by Land and Property Information, will allow you to estimate your FESL for 2017/18 by using the FESL Calculator.

Further details about the FESL are available in the fact sheets below, at or by phoning 1300 787 872.

If you disagree with your property's classification, you can request a review by completing the FESL Classification and Vacant Land Review Application Form.

Alternatively, for more information visit the Emergency Services Levy Insurance Monitor website or phone 1300 607 723.

FESL Fact Sheet

FESL Frequently Asked Questions