Apply now to be a member of our Sister City Advisory Panel

The Sister City Advisory Panel oversees and provides guidance on key aspects of Council’s cultural relationships, from student exchange programs to cross-cultural visits and events.

Lismore has the following cultural relationships with other cities around the world:

  • Sister city relationship with Yamato Takada, Japan. Commenced 7 August 1963 and was the first sister city relationship forged between Australia and Japan.
  • Twin relationship with Makassar, Indonesia. Commenced 18 September 1981.
  • Mutual Friendship Declaration with Conegliano and Vittorio Veneto, Italy. Commenced 10 June 1991.
  • Sister city relationship with Lismore, Ireland. Commenced 31 October 2000.
  • Sister city relationship with Eau Claire, USA. Commenced 23 January 2001.

Members of the Sister City Advisory Panel meet once a month and are committed to ensuring these relationships continue to grow and develop.

Interested people need to complete the expression of interest form below and email to by 4 March 2019.

For more information, phone Michella Wade on 1300 87 83 87.

Expression of Interest - Sister City Advisory Panel 2019