The organisational structure of our senior management

The Lismore City Council Executive Committee is made up of three people: the General Manager, the Executive Director Sustainable Development and the Executive Director Infrastructure Services. These three positions report directly the elected body of Councillors.

The General Manager and the two Executive Directors each oversee a team of ‘Program Managers’ who are responsible for the coordination of different functions within the organisation. The structure of Program Managers and the Executive Committee member they report to is as follows:


Manager Corporate Services: Acting Manager in place
The Manager Corporate Services is responsible for the operation of the Customer Contact Centre and coordinator of media and communication services, public access to information and all other corporate services.

Manager Information Services: Garth Hayhurst
The Manager Information Services is responsible for the operation of all information technology systems including websites, computers, tablets and mobile devices, record keeping and GIS mapping.

Manager Finance: Rino Santin
The Manager Finance is responsible for all Council accounting and reporting, and financial transactions including rates and water accounts.
Manager People & Workplace Development: Tonia Leckie
The Manager People & Workplace Development is responsible for leading the human resources team in the delivery of human resource and organisational development processes and services.


Manager Development & Compliance: Peter Jeuken
The Manager Development & Compliance is responsible for all compliance, enforcement and development matters including development applications, environmental and building compliance, public health, companion animals, planning assessments, and law enforcement.

Manager Integrated Planning: Annie McWilliam
The Manager Integrated Planning is responsible for strategic land-use planning, natural resource management and environmental strategies, community development, stakeholder partnering and strategic engineering.

Manager Major Recreation & Cultural Facilities: Tony Duffy
The Manager Major Recreation & Cultural Facilities is responsible for the Events Unit, tourism-related activities and the operation of the Lismore/Nimbin Visitor Information Centres, Lismore Regional Gallery, leisure centres and public pools.


Manager Assets: Scott Turner
The Manager Assets is responsible for prioritising the maintenance and renewal of all Council-owned assets and public infrastructure including buildings, stormwater, roads and water and sewage treatment plants.

Manager Works: Darren Patch
The Manager Works is responsible for coordinating works on roads and bridges, and the operation of stormwater and water and sewage treatment plants.

Manager Commercial Services: Phil Klepzig
The Manager Commercial Services is responsible for the operation of the Northern Rivers Waste, Northern Rivers Quarries & Asphalt, Lismore Regional Airport, Lismore Memorial Gardens and the Council’s fleet.