Planning strategies

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Inspire Lismore 2040 (Local Strategic Planning Statement)

The Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 requires all councils to have a Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS).

The LSPS for the Lismore Local Government Area (LGA) serves as the primary strategic document for land use planning, integrating existing policies and initiatives such as the Growth Management Strategy, Economic Development Strategy, Biodiversity Management Strategy and Sport and Recreation Plan.

It lays out the vision, priorities, and actions for land use in Lismore, as well as the Lismore's place in the region, its economic, social and environmental characteristics, and the method for monitoring and reporting on the plan's implementation.

Inspire Lismore 2040 (Local Strategic Planning Statement)

Lismore Growth and Realignment Strategy (2022)

The Lismore Growth and Realignment Strategy 2022 (GARS) identifies land that is potentially suitable for future housing, commercial and industrial purposes. Growth areas have been identified that are consistent with the planning principles in the Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS), meet the economic, social and environmental expectations of the community, have minimal constraints and can be serviced by appropriate infrastructure.

The GARS also identifies Council’s desire to work with State and Federal Governments for a staged retreat of the most high-risk flood prone residential areas, as well as identifying that Council will investigate the viability of applying an Affordable Housing Contribution Scheme for land in the strategy that benefits from any future ‘upzoning’.

The GARS was adopted by Council in December 2022 and supersedes the previous Growth Management Strategy (2015-2035).

Conditional approval was granted by the Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) in June 2023, with a request for additional information to support the strategic merit of additional employment lands at Oliver Avenue, Goonellabah. An addendum to the GARS addressing these issues was provided and conditionally approved by DPE in September 2023.

Strategic Road Review

The Strategic Road Review is a 20-year plan that defines the road network required to support future population growth while maintaining the level of service Council currently provides. It was developed from a financial, social and environmental sustainability perspective. As such, it provides the nexus between future development and new road infrastructure that Council has to demonstrate if it is to collect road contributions from new development under Section 94 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

Nimbin Parking Strategy (2018)

The Nimbin Parking Strategy evaluates the current availability, usage, and future needs of parking in the main business area of Nimbin. The strategy includes short-term actions for council to take within two years, such as modifying timed parking areas on Cullen and Sibley Streets and maximising usage of the Western Carpark. It also identifies potential long-term solutions for expanding off-street parking if demand exceeds supply in the future.

Nimbin Parking Strategy(PDF, 2MB)