On-site sewage management

A man closing the lid on a septic tank.


To make sure that the water we use and waste is treated properly and safely, we need to have on-site sewage management system in our homes. This is especially important when there is no sewer system available.

These systems need to be designed, operated, and taken care of carefully so that they don't make people sick, hurt the environment, or ruin our communities.

Before you can build or change anything related to this system, you need to get permission first. You can find more information on how to get permission by visiting the Division of Local Government website.

Please complete an Application to Install/Construct or Alter/Upgrade a Sewage Management Facility(PDF, 159KB).

Everyone who has an on-site sewage management system needs to have permission to use it. When someone buys a new home, they need to get new permission because the old one expires when the house is sold. Council will talk to new owners about this.

On-site sewage management systems inspections

We also offer a range of resources, such as guidelines and information sheets, to help residents maintain their on-site sewage management systems.

If you need assistance with your system, please contact us at (02) 6625 0500. It is important to properly maintain your system to ensure it is functioning correctly and to prevent any potential health or environmental risks.

On-site Wastewater Model(XLS, 4MB)

On-site Sewage and Wastewater Management Strategy(PDF, 820KB)

Use of Reed Beds for the Treatment of Sewage and Wastewater from Domestic Households(PDF, 1MB)

Different types of on-site sewage management systems

There are several on-site sewage management systems including waterless composting toilets, aerated wastewater treatment systems, septic tank and absorption trench systems and reed beds. See below our education brochures to help you make the right choice for your property or household.

Waterless Composting Toilets(PDF, 481KB)

Aerated Wastewater Treatment Systems(PDF, 403KB)

Septic Tank and Absorption Trench Systems(PDF, 432KB)

Reed Beds(PDF, 434KB)