Urban Green Corridors Plan

The Urban Green Corridors Plan (UGCP) is a part of the Biodiversity Management Strategy, which aims to protect and restore the urban bushland reserves by improving habitat connectivity.

The council has worked on 21 council reserves throughout the UGCP planning area and also on 8 hectares of river frontage through the Wilsons River Vegetation Management Plan. The council also supports Landcare groups through the Urban Landcare program.

The plan focuses on preserving natural assets such as rainforest remnants, rivers, creeks, wetlands, and koala habitat, using strategies like bush regeneration, revegetation, community partnerships, and education programs.

The public can contribute by composting or mulching garden waste, planting native plants, keeping pets inside at night, walking dogs on a lead and picking up after them in bushland and parks, and joining a Landcare group to help restore the local area.