City safe

A CCTV camera.

Safety in public spaces

Safety in public spaces is a significant concern for communities, and various factors contribute to creating an environment where people feel secure. One crucial aspect is how public spaces are designed, used, and maintained. When these elements are carefully considered, they can have a substantial impact on enhancing safety.

In the case of the Lismore City Council, the implementation of a Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) system is one measure employed to reduce and prevent crime. CCTV cameras are strategically placed in certain public spaces to provide surveillance coverage.

Some of the purposes of CCTV are as follows:

  • Deter, detect and respond to criminal offences against people or property
  • Facilitate and support an effective response by law enforcement officers or other emergency services personnel to situations of concern
  • Assist in the identification and prosecution of persons in relation to criminal matters
  • Protect the assets and property of the community
  • Promote a safe and secure community

CCTV footage

One of the key advantages of CCTV is its ability to capture real-time footage of public areas. NSW Police have access to monitor the system. This allows law enforcement officials to actively observe the CCTV feeds, especially during peak times or in response to specific incidents. The presence of CCTV enables prompt response to potential threats, ensuring a safer environment for residents, visitors, and businesses within the Lismore area.

CCTV footage serves as valuable evidence in identifying offenders and supporting investigations. If a crime occurs, the recorded footage can be reviewed to extract relevant information, such as identifying individuals involved or gathering details about the incident. This evidence can aid law enforcement agencies in their efforts to apprehend suspects, build a case, and contribute to successful prosecutions.

It is essential that we handle CCTV footage in a manner that respects privacy rights and adheres to legal and ethical guidelines. The use and disclosure of recorded images are typically limited to an authorised Council officer, law enforcement or other lawful purposes. This means that the footage should primarily be used for investigating and preventing crimes, protecting public safety, or fulfilling legal requirements. Cameras are not used to purposely monitor private property that may be captured within the view of cameras. Notwithstanding this, any data or information collected from the CCTV Program will be recorded and may be provided to a law enforcement agency for a lawful and permitted purpose.

In terms of data retention, recorded footage not associated with ongoing police investigations, court proceedings, or any other lawful reason will be deleted after approximately 45 days. The retention of data is based on a number of variables which may result in shorter or longer retention periods. This retention period strikes a balance between preserving evidence and respecting privacy rights. By deleting footage that is no longer necessary for legitimate purposes, we prevent the unnecessary storage of personal information and minimise the risk of unauthorised access or misuse.

Should you require CCTV footage of a crime that may be held on Council’s system, please contact Lismore Police on (02) 6626 0599 or Nimbin Police on (02) 6627 6400.