How to care for your cat

A kitten sitting on the pavement.

Responsible cat ownership involves containing, housing, feeding, controlling, caring for, and breeding cats responsibly.

To ensure the safety of your cat and prevent problems, Council recommends keeping your cat contained within your property at all times, especially during the day.

Tips for responsible cat ownership include microchipping, registering, and collar-tagging your cat; early desexing; asking neighbours if your cat causes any issues; providing a collar with a bell; keeping your cat healthy and entertained; and cleaning up after your cat.

Uncontained pet cats are at risk of injury and can contribute to the feral cat population. If you have concerns about a cat, try speaking with the owner first. If necessary, you can also seek a Noise Abatement Order.

Steps for processing a seized cat

Firstly, make every effort to safely, respectfully, and promptly reunite the seized or lost cat with its owner.

Where the owner cannot be identified, surrender the cat to our contracted veterinary services provider, Lismore Vet Clinic, 20-22 Uralba Street, (02) 6622 0033.