Council Decides: November Ordinary Meeting

Published on 22 November 2023


Welcome to our November “Council Decides” issue, where we update you on the decisions and discussions of the Lismore City Council’s monthly Council meeting.

The business papers and attachments for the meeting can be found at


Three people spoke on two topics during Public Access

  • Two speakers spoke in favour of a change of use of a carpark to a mixed-use development.
  • One speaker spoke against the Waste Operation Review.



Councillors resolved to:

  • Receive the Mayoral Attendance Report for October 2023.



Councillors resolved to:

  • Receive the minutes of the 27 September meeting of the Access and Inclusion Advisory Group minutes and adopt the recommendations.
  • Receive the minutes of the 20 September meeting of the Aboriginal Advisory Group minutes and adopt the recommendation.
  • Receive the minutes of the 25 October meeting of the Capacity Capability & Recovery Roadmap Project Control Committee and adopt the recommendation.



Councillors resolved to:

  • Support the Planning Proposal to amend the zone and planning controls for 1055 and 1055A Bruxner Highway, Goonellabah and (1) that staff submit the Planning Proposal to the Department of Planning and Environment requesting a Gateway Determination, (2) place the Planning Proposal on public exhibition and consult with Government agencies, (3) staff report back to Council after public exhibition.
  • Change of the use of a carpark to a mixed-use development (Market) be refused as it is not in the public interest, the impact on traffic/carparking, existing businesses and water and waste.
  • Submit an application to NSW Department of Industry requesting part of a Crown road, being the formed section of Trevan Road, East Lismore, be transferred to Lismore City Council. The General Manager is to submit a letter with the application giving consent to the transfer of Crown road.
  • Receive and note the October 2023 Investments Report.
  • Adopt the 2022/23 Reserves (Internally Restricted) annual report and internal reserves used to fund grant funds owed as of 30 June 2023 be reimbursed when funding is received.
  • Adopt the September 2023 Quarterly Budget Review Statement and approve the recommended variations, and briefings be held prior to any future QRBS reported to Council.
  • Confirm the financial report provided by the Nimbin Chamber of Commerce for the expenditure of the Nimbin Special Rate Variation Levy, release the 2023/24 Nimbin Special Rate Variation Levy amount to the Nimbin Chamber of Commerce and future funds are properly acquitted.
  • Adopt the Priority Projects Register incorporating the following identified priorities: (1) Resilience Feasibility Study including Water Security and Flood Mitigation, (2) Regional Airport Master Planning and Redevelopment, (3) Northern Rivers Rail Trail Stage 2 (South Lismore to Booyong), (4) Event Legacy Program, and (5) Riverside Precinct Development (Bridge to Bridge).
  • Note the following documents be executed as negotiated under delegated authority by the General Manager:


    Item A: Transport Asset Holding Entity Rail Trail Lease to Lismore City Council over approximately 16.3km of disused railway line between Back Creek Bridge at Bentley and the Union Street railway bridge at South Lismore (not including either bridge) for:

    1. the undertaking of infrastructure works, including the demolition and removal of the track infrastructure and the construction, installation and commissioning of the Rail Trail,
    2. the operation and maintenance of the Rail Trail, and
    3. all associated activities consistent with, and ancillary and compatible to the use of the premises as a Rail Trail.                                                         

    Item B: Transport Asset Holding Entity Rail Trail Lease to Lismore City Council over South Lismore train station and platform, 38 Union Street, South Lismore for recreation, tourism and related purposes only.                                     

    Item C: Renewal of Sublease to Invocare Australia Pty Limited over Suite 2, “The Cottage”, 651 Skyline Road, Goonellabah.

  • Establish the Australia Day Awards Committee and adopt the Terms of Reference. Delegate authority to the Committee to determine the award winners and elect Councillors Krieg, Cr Cook, Cr Bing, Cr Rob and Cr Colby to the Committee for 2024.
  • Note the draft minutes of Rous County Council.
  • Approve the financial assistance in accordance with Section 356(1) of the Local Government Act 1993 for Tropical
  • Fruits and Clunes Carols.
  • Authorise the Mayor to approve funding requests from the Mayor’s Discretionary Fund (Section 356) requests are only accepted from people or organisations within the Lismore Local Government Area, the yearly budget allocation be a total amount of $3000, any approvals to be reported via City Notes, and each donation be for a maximum of $500.



    Councillors resolved to:

  • Modify the Code of Meeting Practice to include the requirement for Public Access for Extraordinary meetings.



    When the Council had resumed, the Mayor reported that the following had been resolved:

  • Approve the tender for the removal of Rail and Sleeper, Lismore Rail Trail Stage 1.
  • Proceed with the implementation of the Balanced Regional Model (C) as presented to councillors during the workshop on 11 September 2023.



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