Sports programs & vacation care

Kids playing basketball at GSAC.

Active Kids vacation care

Active Kids Vacation Care provides supervised childcare and a range of activities to keep children safe, happy, and healthy during school holidays.

Bookings are essential, contact the Active Kids team today to secure your spot. Phone 0432 165 551 or email You can enrol online.

Bookings are required to ensure proper staff-to-child ratios. We believe that the staff to child ratio is an important factor in determining the quality of care that we provide. Our ratios for the morning and afternoon activities are 1:15.

The program for each day is generally the same and is as follows:

  • Morning session 7.30am to 11am is aimed to get the kids moving with sports and activities in our stadium area.
  • Middle session 11am to 2pm is in the pool area playing games and riding the slide
  • Afternoon session 2pm to 6pm is spent in our Multipurpose Youth Space where kids can relax with music, create, experiment and let their imaginations run wild.

Please note: Movies may be run in the afternoons even if not printed on the official program.

What to bring

  • A packed lunch (no nuts or products containing nuts)
  • Swimmers and towel
  • Drink bottle
  • Spare shirt for arts and craft