Strategic plans guiding the future of our community

In June 2017, Council adopted a new set of strategic plans to guide its strategic direction and long-term and short-term planning. All NSW councils develop these strategic documents using a model called the Integrated Planning & Reporting Framework.

The diagram below shows how the plans connect: long-term objectives identified by the community are translated in to strategies, activities and actions that the Council will undertake. These plans are updated each time a new Council is elected.


The Imagine Lismore Community Strategic Plan 2017-2027 details the community’s 10-year aspirations for Lismore and sets the scene for what the community wishes for its future.

Imagine Lismore Community Strategic Plan 2017-2027

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The four-year Delivery Program is Council’s action plan for achieving the community’s vision.

Imagine Lismore Combined Delivery Program 2017-2021

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This plan is a sub-set of the Delivery Program and includes specific activities that will be undertaken during the 2018/19 financial year as well as the accompanying budget.

Imagine Lismore Operational Plan 2018-2019


2018-2019 Budget by Program

2018-2019 Revenue Policy & Borrowings

2018-2019 Fees & Charges



Council produces regular Progress Reports to update the community on progress in achieving the strategies outlined in the Delivery Program.

Progress Report March 2018

Progress Report June 2018