Promoting Lismore business through branding, promotions and events

Proposed permanent business Special Rate Variation: Consultation with the Lismore business community

Council has accepted the Lismore Business Panel's recommendation that it consider applying to the NSW Independent Pricing & Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) for a permanent business Special Rate Variation (SRV). The proposed SRV would be a rate-pegged level of $120,000 per annum and would commence on 1 July 2018.

This permanent business SRV would replace the current five-year Special Business Rate Variation Levy (SBRVL), which expires automatically on 30 June 2018. When this expires, funding to promote business in Lismore will revert to pre-2010 levels. Making the new SRV permanent would secure the future of business promotion in Lismore as the city’s economy faces the challenge of recovering from the March 2017 flood event.

IPART requires Council to consult with the Lismore business community and obtain a clear indication of support or otherwise for the proposed Business SRV.

The consultation process includes distribution of a six-page Business Bulletin, an online survey, a briefing for the Lismore Chamber of Commerce & Industry, and a breakfast workshop to be attended by randomly-selected members of the business community on Wednesday, 15 November 2017.

Based on the outcomes of the consultation process, a recommendation to proceed (or otherwise) with an application to IPART will be discussed at Council’s December meeting. If approved, the application to IPART will be lodged in February 2018.


The community consultation phase for the business SRV is now closed. However, should you wish to review documentation regarding the proposed SRV, you can do so via the links below.

Lismore Business Bulletin

Lismore Business Plan 2016-2018

Counting the Cost and Facing the Future.

2012 Review of the Lismore Business Promotion Program (by Southern Cross University School of Business)

2016 Review of the Lismore Business Promotion Program (by Dave Arthur Consulting)


Lismore Business Promotion Program

Lismore Business Promotion Program is a partnership between business, Council and the community, funded by the Special Business Rate Variation Levy (SBRVL). The SBRVL is governed by the Lismore Business Panel and administered by Council. The purpose of the SBRVL Lismore Business Promotion Program funding is to boost our presence as a regional centre, with the revitalisation of the city centre identified as being the key to this objective.

The SBRVL is levied annually on all business properties in the Lismore Urban Area to fund the Lismore Promotion Program.

The Lismore Business Panel oversees and provides guidance to the City Centre Manager (CCM) who is employed to implement the business plan. The CCM is responsible for projects contained within the Lismore Business Promotion Program's Business Plan year-to-year and is also charged with carrying out the more strategic and long-term process of city centre revitalisation.

The Lismore Business Promotion Program is responsible for a comprehensive range of activities including:

  • Year-round advertising, marketing and promotions.
  • Coordination of major CBD events, markets, music, entertainment and activities in the city centre.
  • Placemaking and place management.
  • Effective use and dissemination of the 'Lismore – Come to the Heart' brand.

For information or to apply to use the Come to the Heart logo, please read the Lismore Come to the Heart Brand Procedure, visit the Come to the Heart website or contact the Lismore City Centre Manager on 1300 87 83 87.


Lismore Business Plan 2016-2018

The 2016-2018 Lismore Business Plan provides the strategic direction for Lismore Business Promotion under the responsibility of the City Centre Manager (CCM) for a two-year period from July 2016 until June 2017.

The primary objective of the plan is to improve and expand the Lismore City Centre revitalisation process and enable businesses in the CBD and Lismore Outer Urban Area to benefit from promotional activities contained in the Plan.

Program Vision: "Lismore is a welcoming hub for business, community and visitors alike. Our City Centre is integral to our economy, cultural aspects and community, and through a unified approach, Lismore will be a vibrant destination for everyone to enjoy.”

A key element of the Lismore Business Plan is to provide multiple opportunities for the Lismore Business Panel and the CCM to work with local business, Council departments and community organisations or individuals on joint initiatives to ensure cohesion and unity.

Lismore Business Plan 2016-2018