Report shows way forward for Lismore CBD post-flood

Friday, 30 June 2017

Lismore City Council has produced a report, Counting the Cost and Facing the Future, that has provided some key recommendations for Council moving forward following the March 2017 flood.

Council is now working to action recommendations within the report and help get the Lismore CBD and local economy thriving again.

The report contains a summary of issues facing local businesses, including poor trading conditions, a lack of adequate financial support post-flood, and the need for increase marketing to boost consumer confidence in the CBD.

The report contains 10 key recommendations, and Council staff and the Lismore Business Flood Recovery Taskforce are now working to implement these.

"The report gives us a good roadmap for how best to move forward and bring life and trading back to our CBD," Council's Executive Director Sustainable Development Brent McAlister said.

"Council needs to take a multi-pronged approach to rebuilding and renewing our CBD and it will take time and creativity to achieve. However, we have very committed staff and a Taskforce that is ready to tackle the challenges head-on."

Recommendations include everything from lobbying the federal government for more post-flood natural disaster funding for local businesses to implementing economic development projects that boost jobs and growth.

The report can be read here: Counting the Cost and Facing the Future

Report attachment - Business Survey Responses

Lismore Flood Ready Partnership Project Summary

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