Pump installation underway to alleviate Browns Creek flooding

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Lismore City Council is currently installing a high-trans pump in the Lismore CBD to alleviate flooding from Browns Creek in the basin area.

Council will most likely have to close some public streets including Keen and Molesworth Streets in order to run hoses over these streets, through the Clyde Campbell carpark and across the levee wall to pump water into the river.

The Fire & Rescue NSW pump, which arrived from Sydney yesterday, is designed to supplement pump capacity if required as damage from the March flood has left one Browns Creek pump out of action and the other only partially operational.

Council will close the Browns Creek floodgate if the Wilsons River reaches 5.2 metres. The Bureau of Meteorology has predicted the river will reach 5.4 metres this afternoon.

“The pump will give us greater capacity to keep water draining out of the basin. This will also be necessary should we get very heavy falls and experience flash flooding in the CBD and basin area,” Council’s Local Emergency Management Officer Scott Turner said.

“Many people have asked why the pumps were not fixed following the March flood. This is a major undertaking and one we only do in the driest part of the year between September and November as we don’t want to leave ourselves with no pump capacity.

“The Browns Creek pumps are heavy duty pieces of machinery that need to be craned out, sent to a specialised engineering factory in Brisbane for repair and then reinstalled. It’s a three-month process minimum.

"Hopefully the high-trans pump can boost our capacity and we are very grateful to Fire & Rescue NSW for their support and quick response.”

SES members have been door knocking in the basin area and parts of East Lismore with more detailed information, and Council will door-knock businesses affected by the pump installation and any loss of access.

Residents and businesses are asked to follow the advice of all traffic control in place.

For detailed weather information and ongoing updates, visit www.bom.gov.au and www.ses.nsw.gov.au.

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