Council warns of crackdown on building fire safety

Thursday, 06 July 2017

Lismore City Council has issued a $6000 fine to the owner of a commercial premises in Keen Street, Lismore, as part of a crackdown on fire safety.

In this latest incident, the premises had been used for parties earlier this year with more than 100 patrons paying an entry fee in what was allegedly a ‘residential’ portion of the building.

The owner was subsequently informed that the residential occupation of the building was in breach of a previous Fire Safety Order issued by Council and that the use of the premises to hold parties with an entry fee required development consent as this was a commercial activity.

The owner was also directed to cease all occupation of the building as the owner had not submitted a Fire Safety Statement to Council for two years.

“Allowing residential occupation of the building was illegal to begin with, but in this case what is more frightening is that fire safety measures were not maintained. This creates a significant risk to those living in the building and is an unacceptable risk to the public in the eyes of Council,” Development & Compliance Manager Peter Jeuken said.

“Owners of commercial buildings should be aware that Council will not hesitate to take action in relation to non-compliance with fire safety requirements and we take it very seriously.”

Lismore City Council will be reviewing its policy on Fire Safety in Buildings at the 11 July Council meeting to ensure greater awareness by owners of commercial buildings of their obligations to the public in relation to fire safety.


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