Council strives to save grand old eucalypt on gallery site

Friday, 14 July 2017

Lismore City Council is trying to save a large eucalypt tree in the new Lismore Quadrangle that appears to be dying.
Plans for the new Lismore Regional Gallery were amended to ensure the tree was made a feature of the new space, and staff are devastated to see the tree looking so unwell.
Council is now working with arborists to try and salvage the tree and ensure it remains a feature of the new space, providing shade and amenity for Quadrangle visitors.
“The tree was infested with white ants, and we are trying to determine if the treatment for that is having any role in the die back, or if work on the gallery affected the root system in any way,” Council’s Manager of Major Recreation and Cultural Facilities Tony Duffy said.
“We specifically amended our works to ensure this tree, and the nearby paperbark, were kept as important elements of the Quadrangle and gallery space.
“We have discovered that a number of other Gympie messmates in Lismore have recently died, or are in the process of dying, so our arborists are investigating if there is any cross over between these occurrences.
“It could be any number of things, but we will do everything we can to save the tree.”
The tree was treated for white ants in March and appeared fine. It began to look sick followed the flood, and has worsened significantly in the last few weeks.

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