Business owners help beautify South Lismore Pump Station

Friday, 19 May 2017

South Lismore business owners have worked with Lismore City Council in recent weeks to turn a Union Street eyesore into a lush garden.

As a result of consultation with business owners, Council moved the fence in front of the South Lismore Pump Station to gain some community land and plant a garden. The South Lismore Pump Station has long made the streetscape look messy and industrial.

Council planted ground covers as well as three different Callistemon varieties to ensure flowers throughout the year and screen the pump station. There is also an opportunity to paint some murals in the future to brighten up the blank walls flanking the garden.

Council has also closed off a driveway into the pump station, creating two new parking spaces for customers.

“We’ve taken on board what local people said to beautify this spot – it’s a lovely little green corner now and will make the street look much prettier once the natives grow up,” Lismore City Council’s Parks and Gardens Coordinator Marcus Ellison said.

“Council is currently building a new roundabout on the corner of Union and Casino Streets which will include new garden beds, so this extends that a little and the whole area will look rejuvenated. It’s nice to see a bit of love for South Lismore following the flood.”

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