Nominations open for Sister City Advisory Panel

Thursday, 11 October

Lismore City Council is calling for expressions of interest to join its Sister City Advisory Panel.

The Panel oversees and provides guidance on key aspects of Council’s cultural relationships, from student exchange programs to cross-cultural visits and events.

Lismore has the following cultural relationships with other cities around the world:

  • Sister city relationship with Yamato Takada, Japan. Commenced 7 August 1963 and was the first sister city relationship forged between Australia and Japan.
  • Twin relationship with Makassar, Indonesia. Commenced 18 September 1981.
  • Mutual Friendship Declaration with Conegliano and Vittorio Veneto, Italy. Commenced 10 June 1991.
  • Sister city relationship with Lismore, Ireland. Commenced 31 October 2000.
  • Sister city relationship with Eau Claire, USA. Commenced 23 January 2001.

Members of the Sister City Advisory Panel meet once a month and are committed to ensuring these relationships continue to grow and develop, with some relationships more active than others.

“Lismore’s sister city and cultural relationships have grown organically over the years,” Sister City Advisory Panel Chair and Lismore Councillor Neil Marks explained.

“Our sister city relationship with Yamato Takada is historically significant, being the first of its kind between Australia and Japan, and this has remained a very strong bond that we actively nurture.

“The people of Yamato Takada hold our sister city relationship and Lismore in very high regard, and we continue to have an annual student exchange program as well as visits by local dignitaries every few years or for anniversary occasions.

“With others we still share a close connection – we have a Friendship Festival each year in Lismore that celebrates our friendship with Conegliano and Vittorio Veneto in Italy, and if you visited Eau Claire in Wisconsin, you’d find the Lismore Hotel with its Northern Star wallpaper.

“We are looking for people to join the Sister City Advisory Panel who understand the importance of these cultural relationships and who can bring energy and creativity to the table.”

Interested people need to complete the expression of interest form on our Sister City EOI page and email to The closing date for nominations is 2 November 2018.

For more information, phone Michella Wade on 1300 87 83 87.


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