We provide help and guidance for business success

Our Manager of Economic Development is a conduit for business and industry to succeed in doing business in Lismore.

We are well aware it can be tricky to navigate the world of Council regulations and red tape. Sometimes it can be overwhelming for those starting out.

Our Manager of Economic Development is here to help businesses of any kind, big and small, with due diligence and negotiating Council requirements to help you open your doors to the general public. The priority is helping to assist business to flourish in Lismore while ensuring the community is comfortable and supportive of the growth and development occurring in the city. The Manager of Econcomic Development is also an advocate for the implementation of high-speed broadband, the reduction of red tape and other initiatives that will help businesses innovate and remain competitive in today’s economy.

As part of the role, our Manager of Economic Development builds trusting relationships so that businesses can feel confident they can come to us for sound advice, relevant information and professional guidance to succeed in any chosen endeavour.

A passionate voice for Lismore, our Manager of Economic Development is also implementing the Sustainable Economic Advantage 2020, an economic strategy to build Lismore’s prosperity as well as using the Lismore Prospectus to leverage new investment. Our Manager of Economic Development is working to ensure these documents don’t just sit on a shelf, but are catalysts for creating a thriving and modern city that offers quality services and an enviable lifestyle.

If you need help developing your business or development project, phone our Manager of Economic Development today on 6625 0458 or 0427 003 645.