Goonellabah Community Plan improves safety and sense of belonging

The Goonellabah Community Plan facilitated a unique, whole-of-community approach to create a safer, happier and more inclusive Goonellabah.

The Goonellabah Community Plan provided resources strategies that aimed to reduce anti-social behaviour and domestic violence, increase employment opportunities, offer sporting and social events and encourage respect between all ages of people living in the community.

The Goonellabah Community Plan incorporated several projects which have been implemented in the Goonellabah area. These include:

  • A Youth and Community Space offering access to services and a gathering place.
  • The Goonellabah Youth Protocol. These educational materials deliver important messages about respectful behaviour between young people and adults.
  • Sports and social inclusion events throughout the year to encourage physical activity, fun, mentoring, community-building and self-confidence.
  • A Goonellabah Safety Circle so the community can meet with police to share perspectives, look at crime prevention and create a more welcoming suburb.
  • The Yoogumbeh Boomleh and Tackling Violence advertising campaign to raise awareness of the impacts of domestic violence.
  • Signage that recognises and celebrates Aboriginal culture and boosts community pride.
  • A North Coast TAFE Retail Skills Course and Employment Scoping project to provide skills training to young Aboriginal people and enhance employment opportunities.

Goonellabah Community Plan