Book the Catchment Model for your next educational event or activity

The Richmond and Brunswick Catchment Model is available free for community groups, schools and educational events.

The Catchment Model is great for kids, with interactive elements that allow children and adul;ts to see how rain carries stormwater around our towns and into our water catchments. Children get to participate and add the 'rain' themselves, making the learning process fun and interesting.

The Richmond and Brunswick Catchment Model is aimed at demonstrating:

  • What is a catchment?
  • What are local catchment management issues?
  • How do our daily practices have an effect on the land, water and native plants and animals?
  • What choices can we make, or actions can we take, for a healthy catchment?

The Catchment Model can be brought to your school or community event and operated by a trained Council Education Officer. A teacher must supervise school groups.

For more information see the brochure below or for bookings, phone 1300 87 83 87.

Catchment Model Brochure