A complete list of Lismore City Council forms A-Z

Please find below our current forms in alphabetical order. If you need to provide your email address, please complete our Digital Details Form.

Annual Fire Safety Statement

Application for a Cemetery and/or Burial on Private Rural Land

Approval to Carry Out an Activity (Section 68)

Building Certificate Application

Busking Application Form

Certificate of Compliance Application (Section 305)

Certification of Shadow Diagrams Form

Civil Works Assets Sheet

Commercial Health Premises Registration

Complying Development Certificate Application

Construction Certificate Application

Conveyancing Certificates

Development and Construction Certificate Application (Class 1 and 10)

Development Application Guide

Development Application

Dwelling Entitlement Application

Events Application

Food Premises Registration

Food Premises Register Information Update

Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 Access Application

Home Business Application

Install/Construct or Alter/Upgrade a Sewage Management Facility Application

Install/Construct or Renew Stormwater Treatment Devices Application

Interim/Final Fire Safety Certificate

Local Heritage Assistance Grant Application

Maintenance Bond Refund Request Application

Market Stall/Single Event Event Application Form

Mobile Food Van/Vehicle Application Form

Modification of Consent Application

Naming of New Roads

Notice to Commence Subdivision Work and Appointment of Principal Certifying Authority

Notice to Commence Work (Section 138 Approval)

Notice to Commence Work (Section 68) - Water Supply, Sewerage and Stormwater Drainage Works

Occupation Certificate Application

Open Access Information Request Form

Owners Consent Form

Plumbing Works

Pre-lodgement Advice Application

Resident Parking Permit Application Form

Section 82A Review of Determination Form

Section 138 Application (works in a road reserve including road opening permits)

Statement of Environmental Effects (Minor Development)

Statement of Sedimentation and Erosion Control

Subdivision Certificate Application

Subdivision (including Civil Works) Construction Certificate Application

Swimming Pool Inspections Contract

Temporary Occupation Permit

Trade Waste Discharge Application (Form C1)

Tree Pruning/Removal Application

Vary Development Standards Application

Visitor Parking Permit Application Form