Monthly words of wisdom from our head honcho, General Manager Gary Murphy

March: One year on from the flood

Hello everyone... hard to believe it's March already!

This month, as we approach the one year anniversary of the March 2017 flood, I wanted to talk about the work both Council and the community has been doing to make Lismore more flood resilient in the future.

I also wanted to let people know about our special event, One Year On, which is happening on Saturday, 7 April at the Quad in downtown Lismore. This is a community gathering and thank you to mark one year since the flood and there will be a BBQ, music, a community painting activity and a performance of The Overtopping at 6pm.

My video states that the start time is 1.30pm but organisers have since shifted the start time to 2pm so apologies for that. See you there from 2pm on Saturday, 7 April to mark this occasion and celebrate Lismore's strength and resilience as a community.


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