2022 flood recovery

A bulldozer and army personnel assist with the streets clean-up after the 2022 flood.


This page provides information on the natural disaster of 28 February, 2022 and how to rebuild afterwards.

If your home was affected by floodwaters, it is recommended that you use flood-resistant materials for replacements.

Before starting restoration, it is important to ensure the building is structurally safe, the power supply and installation are safe, the gas supply has been checked, the sewerage system is operational, and the house is dry enough.

If repairs are made before the house is dry enough, it can lead to mould, material degradation, poor adhesion, movement of materials, and health problems for occupants.

Flood Compatible Materials Fact Sheet(PDF, 710KB)

Financial assistance

There are a number of financial assistance and recovery advice available for flood affected members of our community. 

The NSW Government has a range of financial assistance and support(PDF, 100KB) available.

To see other assistance available, click on the links below:

Business Recovery & Resilience Service

Department of Regional NSW (www.nsw.gov.au/department-of-regional-nsw)

National Emergency Management Agency (nema.gov.au/#/map)

Regional Small Business (nema.gov.au/get-support/rural-financial-counselling-service/regional-small-business-support-program)

Resilience NSW (www.nsw.gov.au/resilience-nsw)

Rural Assistance Authority     

Moveable dwelling for temporary accommodation from floods

Lismore City Council has prepared a fact sheet on temporary accommodation options for residents displaced by the 2022 floods.

People who have been displaced may install a moveable dwelling, such as a caravan, on land for up to two years without council approval, according to the Local Government Regulation 2021.

Temporary Accommodation Fact Sheet(PDF, 783KB)

Funding for businesses

Lismore City Council's Economic Development team is available to support businesses during the flood recovery process and can help connect business owners to the resources they need to rebuild.

The team is also working with local businesses, chambers, and government agencies to plan for business renewal in the Lismore Local Government Area. Learn more at yoursay.lismore.nsw.gov.au.

With Business Renewal Forum sessions in August 2022, we collated business support information from various agencies including:

For business support or referral advice related to flood recovery and renewal, please contact the Economic Development team at business@lismore.nsw.gov.au or call (02) 6625 0500

Flooding Impacts & Recovery Statement

The Lismore Flooding Impacts & Recovery Statement(PDF, 6MB) evaluates the effects of the February and March 2022 floods on the local economy and identifies the recovery needs of Lismore's communities.

Please note that this report was developed early in the recovery process and some considerations may be preliminary or unresolved.

Contact the council's Economic Development Team for more information on (02) 6625 0500 or business@lismore.nsw.gov.au.

Flood Response Report

Lismore City Council's Flood Response Report(PDF, 18MB) estimates that the natural disaster and flood of February and March caused more than $350 million in damage to Council assets, including $200 million in road and bridge damage, $108 million in water and wastewater infrastructure damage, up to $20 million in waste and resource recovery damage, and $20 million in damage to Council facilities and depots.

The report estimates that the total cost of rebuilding the community will be close to $1 billion.